Real International Security Division means a young team opened, involved in all projects that we conduct business with different partners.

         The staff is carefully selected by a specialized commission, especially going through basic aptitude tests concerning security. Security guards ensure their specific professional training by a team of professionals with experience in security work, based on specific topics approved by the police, according to Law no. 333/2003. Prior to distribution of agents for the activity in security posts, they instruction is necessary and appropriate, depending on the specifics of each post and considering the general and particular provisions of confinement that are stipulated in the security plans of each objective.
         Every employee is a proven professional team spirit, loyalty to the company and its partners and last but not least manifests a constant desire to improve its performance.
         Employees are trained and equipped with the latest procedures, equipment and solutions in this area company provides services to European standards.

Agents are equipped with:

  • company uniform with badges,
  • tomfa,
  • irritant spray - lachrymatory,
  • electroshock,
  • flashlight,
  • mobile phones,
  • transceiver stations,
  • gas gun or bullet - where the situation requires.

         In case of natural disasters or fires, SC Real International Security Division SRL agents are fully with staff to take action for the protection of people and property of the beneficiary under the perimeter


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