Real International Security Division provides :
  1. Security and protection services :
    • security services for all objectives, with  special trained agents  for such activities and authorized by the competent authorities. Depending on specific needs, agents can perform the service during the day, night or non-stop, inside or outside the lens and vulnerable points.

  2. Value transport services:
    • security objectives of holding values (cashiers, documents, projects, etc.) and escorting carriage of value (cash, precious objects, art objects, goods, etc.)  to the required destination. Where necessary provides armed agents to accompany some such carriage.

  3. Bodyguard services
    • security services for all objectives, with special trained agents for such activities and authorized by the competent authorities. Depending on specific needs, agents can run the service during the day, night or non-stop, inside or outside the lens and vulnerable points.

  4. Intervention services
    • agents specializes in quick interventions with adequate facilities for emergency situations.

  5. Consulting Services
    • advice in identification of the best solutions for security and protection objectives, risk analysis and establishing the device with its own security personnel.

  6. Support Services
    • specialized assistance on security plan designed to meet the specific needs of the receiving company.


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